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Why was Bodies and Beyond Personal Training created?

Over the past 4 years, I have worked with personal training clients in a number of different private gyms. Although each of my clients had different goals, aspirations, and interests, I began to notice one particular underlying trend – how busy people are! Whether they were running late from battling traffic or they had to leave 10 minutes early to pick the kids up from school, I seemed to hear a common statement: "I really struggle to find the time to work out!".

Initially, when I ran the idea by some of my clients regarding how they would feel about working out at home, the reaction was mixed. Some people considered how much time they would save without the journey to and from the gym, while others pondered how they could get the results from a home workout compared to one done in a gym setting.

I slowly managed to encourage a couple of my clients to give the home-based sessions a try. As I arrived to my first session with one of my clients, a single mom of a 3-year-old boy, she was still slightly skeptical. She asked me, "how could one bag of equipment produce the same effects of the multitude of machines available at the gym?" My response to her was to let the workout I had planned for her speak for itself. As she got used to working out in her own living room, the feedback I received seemed to reflect what I suspected about the benefits of home workouts outweighing the costs of not doing a workout at all.

More and more clients asked about my in-home personal training services, and of all those who took the step to give it a try seemed to respond well to this lifestyle change. I often heard that they had more time with the kids, no rush hour traffic to deal with, and worked harder at home than in the gym.

Thanks to the inspiration and feedback from these loyal clients, Bodies and Beyond Personal Training was born.

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