Huw has over a decade of experience within the health and fitness industry.

Originally from Wales, Huw grew up as an athlete with a deep appreciation for how exercise and nutrition play vital roles supporting a healthy, active lifestyle. As a former competitive rugby player, he has worked with some of the fitness industry’s most elite strength and conditioning coaches.

Huw obtained a BSc in Sports Science from Swansea University, where he was also a varsity rugby athlete. His passion for human anatomy and exercise science led him to complete his personal training qualifications.


Huw stays current with evidence-based approaches to fat loss and body transformations, allowing him to help clients achieve and maintain their goals.


BSc in Sports Science, Swansea University (2012)

Registered Elite Professional Certified Personal Trainer 

Registered Elite Professional Certified Strength & Conditioning 

Registered Elite Professional Certified Fitness Instructor

Registered Elite Professional Certified Nutritional Advisor 

Occupational First Aid (OFA) Level 3 

Emergency First Aid & CPR-C