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How to keep up your New Year's resolution


As January draws to an end, those of you who decided to make a health related New Year's resolution may be starting to see the results of your hard work. We, at Bodies and Beyond Personal Training want to congratulate you on sticking to your new regime so far! We are also here to give you a few tips on how to stick to the New Year's resolution, and hopefully continue the healthy, happy lifestyle!

Set New Goals!

It's been 1 month since the new year…. you've probably made fitness goals and we hope you have all attained them. But if you are feeling you can't stick up with your New Years resolution we have a suggestion for you. Set new goals! It's important to always set new goals, it doesn't have to be drastic. It can be as simple as drinking an extra glass of water a day. You will be amazed as to how big of a difference setting new goals can make in both your physical health and mental health. It gives your life purpose!

Be Realistic! 

Realistically, it might not be possible for you to drop another 50lbs in the next 2 weeks. (If that is your goal) You have to be honest and realistic with yourself. Set SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-sensitive). 

Have troubles with your habits? Replace habits, don't try to eliminate them. 

Habits need to be replaced with new behaviours. Imagine if you drink 1 can of coke a day for the past few years. It will be pretty hard to stop. You know it's not healthy for you. Instead of completely eliminating coke out of your diet, you can start with drinking 5 cans a week instead of 7, then drop it down from there. You can even go to alternative options such as carbonated/soda water eventually. Everything is about progression and it's a slow process! So try and replace your habits with something similar but not to the extreme of cutting it off completely! 

It's okay! 

Not everyone sticks with their New Years resolution and that's normal for most. We want you to live a healthy and active lifestyle for your benefit. We want what's best for you. But if you are sick and tired of being in the weight room everyday, there are so many alternatives to reach the benefits of exercising. You can try hiking, swimming, biking, running, or even in-home personal training. (Our favourite) It doesn't have to be just one thing or in a gym! 

Our team at Bodies and Beyond can assist you with that! We can help you carry on with your New Years Resolution, set new goals, and assist you on your journey! Contact us today at

In good health,

Huw Grundy, Bsc (Sports Science)
Bodies and Beyond Personal Training

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