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Tips for eating well over the festive period


We all know that the festive period frequently means missed workouts and copious amounts of food indulged....What's wrong with this I hear you ask? Well, do you really want to throw away the hours you have spent working out over the last few months in 2 weeks of madness?

We have reached out to our Registered Dietitian Mel, she has a few simple tips that can assist you with your nutrition over this period:

- Enjoy your favourite holiday foods with friends and family

- Have your favourite ____ (chocolate/pie/indulgent foods), savour them while you eat them, enjoy them and then move on - do not guilt yourself afterwards!

- Remember to keep hydrated - colder temperatures and busy schedules can make it easy to forget to prioritize hydration, so keep a water bottle handy

- Don't 'save yourself' for your holiday dinner by restricting your intake/skipping meals - eat regular, well-balanced meals during the day

- Slow down and enjoy your meals

You'll notice that the emphasis is not on avoiding or including specific foods, but is instead about promoting enjoyment of your meals throughout the holidays (and all days!) with friends and family whenever possible.

...Let's not forget the exercise:

- Make a plan prior to the holidays! Set a realistic plan (for example, weight training 3x a week + 1 conditioning) and follow through with it! 

- Make yourself accountable by setting goals/plans

- Don't be too hard on yourself! It's the holiday season, enjoy your time with your family! It is okay to miss a few workouts. It won't slow down your progress. It is easy to guilt yourself but just know that rest is important as well!

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In good health,

Huw Grundy, Bsc (Sports Science)
Bodies and Beyond Personal Training

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