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What is hybrid/online personal training?!


Our team at Bodies and Beyond Personal Training is very excited to launch 2 new personal training packages for you! They are programs tailored to you and your schedule. Does this interest you? Please read below.

Hybrid Training

What is hybrid training? And why?

It's a combination of both in person and online personal training. Not only does it save YOU time, it gives you the flexibility of training on your own with expert supervision 24/7. 

It is more affordable than our in person programs! Instead of seeing one of our trainers frequently, you'll only be seeing our trainers occasionally while still getting your programming expertise, coaching and accountability. 

If you already have training experiences but need an extra hand with programming/ training routine then the hybrid program may be suitable for you. 

This will be more hands on than our online program as you will be meeting one of our trainers on occasion. The program will also be catered towards the equipment you have at home.

Online Training

What is online training? And why?

As stated, online training is all done online! With this program you are able to workout on your own schedule and have access to one of our trainers 24/7. It is perfect for those who have a busy schedule.

This program is more affordable than any of our programs because it doesn't involve any in person sessions. It is also great for those who want a new routine to bring about the best result.

Clients will follow their online training guide through a downloadable app. Concerned  about not knowing the correct technique for an exercise? Don't worry, each exercise has a detailed video of how to perform the exercise correctly.

Feel unaccountable? Don't worry. With our online program, our trainers are just 1 message away from assisting you.

Does this look like something you would be interested in?! Please contact for more information or visit our website for more information.

Keep up to date with our team on our social media page @bodiesandbeyondpt on Instagram/Facebook

In good health,

Huw Grundy, Bsc (Sports Science)
Bodies and Beyond Personal Training

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